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Melanotan-2 10mg

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Melanotan-2 (MT-2) is a synthetic analogue of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Developed in the 1980s, Melanotan-2 has been shown to increase sexual arousal, reduce compulsive/addictive behavior, curb hunger, and promote lean body mass. Research has shown the peptide to stimulate melanocytes therefore producing increased skin pigmentation and may help to combat autism when used during early childhood development.

Where to buy Melanotan-2 10mg? Shop now for Melanotan-2 10mg with exceptional quality and get more for less with our bulk sales. Quick 48-hour delivery available.

Where to buy Melanotan-2 10mg? Shop now for Melanotan-2 10mg with exceptional quality and get more for less with our bulk sales. Quick 48-hour delivery available.


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    Melanotan 2 10mg Properties

    Chemical Formula: C50H69N15O9
    Molecular Mass: 1024.2
    Synonyms: 121062-08-6, Melanotan-II, MT-II
    CAS Number: 121062-08-6
    PubChem: 92432
    Total Amount of the Active Ingredient: 10mg (1 vial)
    Shelf Life: 36 months

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    Peer-Reviewed Studies

    Melanocortin receptor agonists, penile erection, and sexual motivation: human studies with Melanotan II.

    We review our experience with Melanotan II, a non-selective melanocortin receptor agonist, in human subjects with erectile dysfunction (ED). Melanotan II was administered to 20 men with psychogenic and organic ED using a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover design. Penile rigidity was monitored for 6 h using RigiScan. Level of sexual desire and side effects were reported with a questionnaire.

    In the absence of sexual stimulation, Melanotan II led to penile erection in 17 of 20 men. Subjects experienced a mean of 41 min Rigiscan tip rigidity>80%. Increased sexual desire was reported after 13/19 (68%) doses of Melanotan II vs 4/21 (19%) of placebo (P<0.01). Nausea and yawning were frequently reported side effects due to Melanotan II; at a dose of 0.025 mg/kg, 12.9% of subjects had severe nausea. We conclude that Melanotan II is a potent initiator of penile erection in men with erectile dysfunction. Our findings warrant further investigation of melanocortin agonists and antagonists on penile erection.

    Evaluation of Melanotan-II, a superpotent cyclic melanotropic peptide in a pilot phase-I clinical study

    A pilot phase I study was conducted with a cyclic heptapeptide analog of α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH). The lactam-bridged molecule, called Melanotan-II (MT-II), has superpotent melanotropic activity in vitro. A single-blind, alternating day (saline or MT-II), placebo-controlled trial was conducted in 3 normal male volunteers at the starting dose of 0.01 mg/kg of MT-II. Subcutaneous injections of MT-II or saline were given daily (Monday–Friday) for 2 consecutive weeks. Two subjects were escalated by 0.005 mg/kg increments to 0.03 mg/kg and one to 0.025 mg/kg. The 0.03 mg/kg dose produced Grade II somnolence and fatigue in one of two subjects (WHO standards). Mild nausea, not requiring antiemetic treatment, was reported at most MT-II dose levels. A stretching and yawning complex appeared to correlate with the onset of spontaneous, penile erections which were intermittently experienced for 1–5 hours after MT-n dosing, depending on the MT-n dose. Two subjects had increased pigmentation in the face, upper body and buttock, as measured by quatitative reflectance and by visual perception 1 week after MT-II dosing ended. These results demonstrate that MT-II has tanning activity in humans given only 5 low doses every other day by subcutaneous injection. The recommended single MT-II dose for future Phase I studies is 0.025 mg/kg/day.

    Melanotan-II reverses memory impairment induced by a short-term HF diet

    A high-fat (HF) diet has been shown to increase the risk of neurological impairments and neurodegenerative disorders. The melanotropins used in this study have been associated with diet-related disorders; however, there is an absence of studies on their effect on diet-induced neurobehavioral conditions. Here, we investigated the possible relationship among diet, Melanotan-II (MT-II) targeting melanotropin receptors, and the behavior of zebrafish (Danio rerio). Surprisingly, even a short-term HF diet lasting for ∼ 1 % of the zebrafish’s life had a strong developmental effect. Zebrafish fed the HF diet showed an impairment in recognition memory, elevated anxiety levels, and reduced exploratory propensity after just three weeks compared to zebrafish fed the control diet. These HF diet-induced abnormalities were reversed by MT-II. Animals fed a HF diet and treated with MT-II demonstrated recognition memory, anxiety, and exploratory behavior similar to the control group. This study provides evidence that even a short-term HF diet has an impact on memory and emotions and is the first study to show that MT-II reverses these changes.




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    Melanotan 2 10mg Vials  

    How to reconstitute Melanotan 2 10mg vials?

    Melanotan 2 10mg vials contain a peptide powder, which is typically a puck or loose bits due to shipping. To reconstitute a Melanotan 2 10mg vials, researchers typically use bacteriostatic water, combining it with the peptide powder according to the specific requirements of their research protocols.


    How to dose Melanotan 2 10mg?

    The dosing of Melanotan 2 10mg in vials form will vary according to the experiment being conducted. We do not provide dosage recommendations as our products are intended for research purposes only.


    How to administer Melanotan 2 10mg?

    There are multiple methods of administering research products that are under investigation in various studies. The choice of administration technique should align with the specific goals and design of the researcher’s study. We provide products solely for research use, we do not offer advice on administration methods.

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