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GHRP-6 is a synthetic ghrelin/growth hormone secretagogue agonist. It has positive effects on appetite, heart muscle cells, scar formation, and sexual motivation. Animal studies show this orally active growth hormone secretagogue also improves memory function and may help to thwart the neurological effects of Parkinson’s disease.
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    GHRP-6-5mg Properties

    Chemical Formula: C46H56N12O6
    Molecular Mass: 873.032
    Synonyms: Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6, Hexapeptide-2, HWAWFK-NH2, SKF 110679, U 75799E
    PubChem: 9919153
    Total Amount of the Active Ingredient: 5mg (1 vial)
    Shelf Life: 36 months

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    Peer-Reviewed Studies

    The Peptidic GHS-R antagonist [D-Lys3] GHRP 6 markedly improves adiposity and related metabolic abnormalities in a mouse model of postmenopausal obesity

    It was demonstrated that estrogen deficiency and consuming high fat (HF) diet enhanced orexigenic activity of ghrelin. Therefore, we hypothesized that antagonizing of ghrelin action would attenuate food intake and body weight in mice obese both from ovariectomy (OVX) and feeding a HF diet.

    Ghrelin receptor antagonist [D-Lys3]GHRP-6 after seven days of subcutaneous treatment markedly decreased food intake in OVX mice fed both HF and standard diets; furthermore, it reduced body weight and blood glucose, insulin and leptin, and increased β-hydroxybutyrate level and uncoupling-protein-1 mRNA in brown adipose tissue. Pair-feeding revealed that effect of [D-Lys3]GHRP-6 was primary anorexigenic. Estrogen supplementation reduced anorexigenic effects of [D-Lys3]GHRP-6. OVX [D-Lys3]GHRP-6 treatment in mice on HF diet resulted in markedly increased circulating level and liver expression of a major metabolic regulator, fibroblast growth factor 21.

    Our data suggest that ghrelin antagonists could be especially beneficial in individuals with common obesity combined with estrogen deficiency.

    Regulation of growth hormone secretion by the growth hormone releasing hexapeptide (GHRP-6)

    Growth hormone (GH) secretion is regulated by a complex system of central and peripheral signals. Recently, a new GH-releasing hexapeptide (His-D-Trp-Ala-Trp-D-Phe-Lys-NH2) called GHRP-6 which specifically releases GH has been studied. In the present work the mechanism of action of GHRP-6 has been addressed in experimental animal models as well as in obese subjects. GHRP-6 releases GH independently of the hypothalamic factors GHRH and somatostatin and is a powerful GH releaser in obesity.

    Pharmacokinetic study of Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 (GHRP-6) in nine male healthy volunteers

    GHRP-6 is a growth hormone secretagogue that also enhances tissue viability in different organs. In the present work, we studied the pharmacokinetics of this short therapeutic hexapeptide (His-(D-Trp)-Ala-Trp-(D-Phe)-Lys-NH(2,) MW=872.44 Da) in nine male healthy volunteers after a single intravenous bolus administration of 100, 200 and 400 μg/kg of body weight. GHRP-6 was quantified in human plasma by a specific LC-MS method, previously developed and validated following FDA guidelines, using (13)C(3)Ala-GHRP-6 as internal standard (Gil et al., 2012, J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 60, 19-25). The Lower Limit of Quantification (5 mg/mL) was reached in all subjects at 12h post-administration, which was sufficient for modeling a pharmacokinetic profile including over 85% of the Area under the Curve (AUC). Disposition of GHRP-6 best fitted a bi-exponential function with R(2) higher than 0.99, according to a mathematic modeling and confirmed by an Akaike index (AIC) lower than that of the corresponding one-compartment model for all subjects. Averaging all three dose levels, the distribution and elimination half-life of GHRP-6 were 7.6 ± 1.9 min and 2.5 ± 1.1h, respectively. These values are coherent with existing data for other drugs whose disposition also fits this model. Dose dependence analysis revealed a noticeable trend for AUC to increase proportionally with administered dose. Atypical GHRP-6 concentration spikes were observed during the elimination phase in four out of the nine subjects studied.




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    How to reconstitute GHRP 6 5mg vials?

    GHRP 6 5mg vials contain a peptide powder, which is typically a puck or loose bits due to shipping. To reconstitute a GHRP 6 5mg vials, researchers typically use bacteriostatic water, combining it with the peptide powder according to the specific requirements of their research protocols.


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