We love our Affiliates!

At The Triggered Brand, we understand that the best recommendation comes from a current client. That’s why we provide great incentives to all of our Affiliates.

The Triggered Brand offers the following benefits:

  • Affiliates are able to redeem DOUBLE their earnings for store credit. Or split payouts for partial credit can be redeemed. 
    • For example, if you earned $500 this can be redeemed for a $1000 store gift card. Total Value = $1000. Or split commissions between store gift card and payout. For example, if you earned $500 you could get $250 doubled for store gift card and the remainder ($250) paid out. this would equal a $500 store gift card + $250 cash = total value $750.
  • Affiliates do not have to hit a payout hurdle before requesting a payout for commissions.
    • Limited 1 payout request per month
  • Whatsapp txt support group with other like minded growth oriented people
    • A home where you can get questions answered very quickly as well as see what other affiliates are doing to grow their affiliate earnings.
  • Creatives can be provided upon request
    • We don’t let you sign up and fend for yourself we are here to help you grow! 
  • Coming soon…monthly training for affiliates on different platforms.

To get started, click on the link below!

Affiliate Program 1